GREAT NEWS ! We have 2 ways to add a little SPARK to your training.

First, It’s new and we just received them !

Our very own ELITE SPARK BOTTLE, that you can fill up with your favorite HYDRATION !

The bottle can contain 500ml but be quick on ordering them… because we only have a limited quantity.

On our website, and in some stores, at 14,99$.



“Hell yeah!” After SPARKSICLE, we decided to create a new flavor, based on the SOUR PEACH candy. Not to sweet, still the same good product, with the HYDRATION you need.

And to add a little bit more “punch” to it, for every 500 units sold, SPARK will make a donation of $ 1000.00 to a non-profit organization, whose mandate is to help our young people in difficult times.

You want to make a donation too ? We will be at the Défi de la Corniche, organized by Sylvain Miron and the FQSC on August 16th, in Piedmont (Laurentians, QC). To participate, be a volunteer, or to make a donation, here’s the link

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